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Cannabis and Coughing: How to Stop Coughing from Weed

This article will explain why coughing from weed happens and how marijuana use causes a persistent cough.

The effects of cannabis on the human body are not fully understood, but its use has become increasingly common among millennials. Coughing is a common negative effect of marijuana use.

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Weed’s Influence on Your Chest Cold

Weed can irritate the throat and airways, leading to coughing, and can also lead to increased lung secretions. The irritants and carcinogens in cigarette smoke from marijuana are known to aggravate the respiratory system, causing coughing and other symptoms.

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Coughing from Weed: What to Do

In order to keep your lungs from becoming irritated, it’s important to take it slow and steady when smoking weed.

It also helps to get plenty of water and not drink too much alcohol. It’s also a good idea to avoid coughing embarrassment in public by only using marijuana in private and never showing it to anyone.

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The Perils of Toking Up

Chronic lung and heart problems are two of the many health problems that can be exacerbated by marijuana use. Both high levels of carbon monoxide and THC in marijuana can irritate the respiratory system and cause chronic coughing.

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Is there any risk of lung damage from smoking cannabis?

Regular cannabis smokers are more likely to experience lasting lung damage from the drug. It has been hypothesized that smoking cigarettes, which exacerbates chronic bronchitis, is a major contributor to the increased risk of developing the condition among cannabis users.

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What Reduces Weed-Related Coughing

Avoiding weed use is the most effective method for preventing coughing from marijuana smoke, but using a quality product that doesn’t contain too much nicotine and consuming large quantities of water can also be helpful.

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Weed-related coughing is a common issue, but there are many solutions available.

It’s important to stay hydrated and eat foods that can help fight infection and soothe your throat. If you’ve smoked weed and are experiencing persistent coughing, you should discuss this with your doctor.

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