how to roll a blunt

How To Roll A Blunt: A Step By Step Guide

Rolling a blunt is an enjoyable way to try new varieties of cannabis and joints. Here, we’ll show you how to roll a blunt and fill you in on the essentials you need to know about blunts to get started.

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Exactly what does one mean by the term “Blunt”?

An empty cigar is filled with marijuana and called a blunt. Like a fine cigar, this one has a wrapper made from tobacco. It’s not as easy to roll a blunt as it is to roll a joint.

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Positives of Smoking a Blunt

Let’s look at the benefits of smoking a blunt before we get into the main topic of how to roll one. Since blunt burns more slowly than a joint, it will last for more puffs than your smoking group.

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Blunts can be carried around easily. (with some restrictions). To add to the pleasure of lighting up, flavored blunt wraps or cigars each have their own distinct aroma and flavor. Tobacco in a blunt enhances the buzzy energy of the high.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rolling a Blunt

Gather your blunt wrap, cigarillo, or cigar, as well as your preferred cannabis strain, before we get started.

A razor blade and weed grinder are must-haves for any novice roller. This step is optional, however, if you have prior experience. Any cigarillo or cigar will work, but make sure the cigar is not dried out completely, as it may break easily.

White Owls, Phillies, Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, and Black & Milds are some of the more popular cigarillos sold at convenience stores.

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How to Roll a Blunt: An Instructional Guide

The following is a detailed explanation of how to roll a blunt:

Step – 1: You need to do is either use a brand new wrapper or split and empty a cigar or ciggie.

Use a grinder or your hands to break up the cannabis. Although using a grinder guarantees a consistent flame, rolling a blunt with your hands is a more traditional method that results in a slower burn and a more perfect smoke.


Get your blunt wrap ready. In accordance with custom, true cigar enthusiasts smoke right to the end of their cigars or cigarillos. A blunt wrap, however, can be purchased at almost any convenience store.

Get out a knife and slit the cigar in half lengthwise. It is possible to use your fingers to crack the cigar with just the right pressure. It’s challenging for a newcomer to take on. Having cut the blunt in half, the tobacco can be emptied and the inner leaves removed.


When emptying the tobacco’s inner workings, wetting the wrap can make it easier to work with, shape, and seal up any small tears that may occur. If you’re rolling for someone else, you can use saliva or a fingertip moistened with tap water to keep the wrap moist.


Put some ground marijuana in the discarded tobacco wrapper. As a general rule, one or two grams of ground cannabis is sufficient for a standard-sized blunt, though more can be fit if you intend to share.


You need rose petals for stuffing if you want to roll a rose blunt. A skilled roller can pack more marijuana into a blunt wrap or cigar than someone who has never rolled one before.

Spread the cannabis evenly between your fingers and roll it into a blunt. If the wrap has not been moistened, handle it with care to avoid cracking it. As a final step, lick the wrap and press it down with your finger to seal the blunt.


Practicing your blunt-rolling skills can help you become more proficient. If you want to learn how to roll a blunt, the above tutorial is a great place to start.

Keep in mind that cannabis smoking is only sanctioned in specific locations; as such, you should check the local laws to ensure you’re in a suitable setting before lighting up.

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