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How to Light A Joint Without a Lighter? Is This Possible?

Getting stoned has become a common pastime for many young people all over the world. But what do you do if you find yourself in possession of a joint but no lighter?

This article will teach you how to light a joint without a lighter, an essential survival skill.

There are six entertaining and novel ways to light a joint without a lighter, as listed below.

  1. Solar Radiation

Using a magnifying glass and the sun as fuel, you can light your joint. Using the magnifying glass, expose the end of your joint directly to sunlight for a few minutes. As soon as your herb catches fire, put it to your lips and take deep, slow drags.

This method, however, could be ineffective on days with clouds, and it could take a while on days with haze.

  1. Toaster Coil

Don’t freak out if you misplace your lighter. To make toast, you need only go to the kitchen. The toaster’s combustible coils can start a fire in an instant. Avoid trapping your fingers in the toaster’s opening at all costs.

  1. An Internal Burner Fueled by Gas

You can also use a gas stove’s pilot light to start a joint. Just light it up with the sparkler and enjoy your cigarette. Achieve a blue flame that is high enough to reach the joint’s tip by maintaining a constant, high stove flame.

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  1. Spaghetti Fire

If you don’t have a lighter and need to light a joint, the spaghetti flame is a safe option. Throw out the charred end of the spaghetti and light the other end.

  1. Cutting With a Flaming Knife

If you want to light up your joint in style, try the hot knife technique. Light your joint by holding a butter knife over a red-hot stove flame. Never touch a hot knife, and if you light a joint, immediately submerge it in cold water.

  1. Lightening Up the Vehicle

A cigarette lighter from a car is all you need to light up your joint. Just turn your car’s key for a few minutes and plug in your device using the lighter. However, it is imperative that you refrain from lighting up while behind the wheel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a lighter, how do you smoke a joint?

It takes practice and patience to master the art of lighting up a joint with a lighter.

No lighter or matches? No cigarette? No problem.
If you don’t have matches or a lighter, you can use a spaghetti stick to light your cigarette.

A lighter has mysteriously disappeared from my hotel room; how do I light a blunt?

Any of the methods above will work for lighting a blunt without a lighter in a hotel room.

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