how to get unhigh fast

Sobering Up From Weed: How To Get Unhigh Fast?

Have you ever smoked too much, and want to learn how to get unhigh fast weed?

Maybe you have a meeting or you need to face your parents, and you don’t want to appear stoned. Well, don’t panic!

While there isn’t a strict formula to get unhigh fast there are several tried and tested methods that stoners have been using for decades.

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First, try deep breathing

Take a deep breath in, count to four, and then exhale. Repeat this process for a minute or so. Deep breathing can ease anxiety and stress, lower your heart rate, and calm you down when you’re feeling really high.

Next, relax and hydrate

Instead of panicking, play some music and take a chill pill. While you’re relaxing, make sure to hydrate. Marijuana can cause your throat to dry up, and dehydration can cause cottonmouth, dizziness, and nausea.

Drinking water won’t sober you up, but it can make you feel better and help keep unwanted symptoms at bay.

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Third, get yourself some snacks

If you’re feeling light-headed, munch on fruits, nuts, and light snacks. This will help you sober up a little, and drinking water after snacking will help you feel less dizzy. If you continue to feel dizzy, take a quick nap.

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Fourth, take a quick bath

While you’re waiting for the effects of weed to wear off, take a nice, warm bath. This can calm you down and help you refocus. If you’re feeling anxious when stoned, this method can be perfect for you.

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Finally, if all else fails, take a nap

This is one of the easiest ways to sober up from anything. Just take a nap or sleep for some time if you have the time.

If you’ve consumed edibles and want to unhigh fast from edibles or smoked a lot of pot, it might be challenging to fall asleep. In that case, try one of the other methods first and then attempt to fall asleep.

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Remember, not all methods will work for you, so experiment a little and see which one works best for you. And, most importantly, don’t panic!

Getting high is a way to relax and unwind after a long day, but if you start feeling anxious soon after, then what’s the point? So, save this article and come back to it whenever you want to get unhigh fast.

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